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Kettlebell Burn Review

I’m sure I am in the same predicament as many of you out there. I want to lose fat and build muscle with limited time commitment because, well there are only 24 hours in the day. I’ve tried a variety of workout plans, so when I heard about the Kettlebell Burn (and Kettlebell Burn 2.0) workout I figured, why not try one more?

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If you are not familiar with the kettlebell, you aren’t alone. It’s a different type of weight and it comes in various weights. I wanted to know though how this kettlebell could combine with Kettlebell Burn workouts to give me the results I wanted.

Geoff Neupert, the author of Kettlebell Burn and Kettlebell Burn 2.0, explains on his site as well as in the ebook just how much research he put into the program. I know when I started my Kettlebell Burn review, I figured he put this plan together quickly just to make a dollar. However, he explains it took him 17 years to perfect the research and be confident enough to know that it works.

Now, since we’ve gotten through the intro, let’s dive straight into my Kettlebell Burn review. At first I was skeptical of the actual kettlebell, but it was a unique and tough workout. It is also so versatile, making it easy to switch up workouts so the program doesn’t become stale.

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I gave it four weeks before looking at my results so I could give the system a fair shake. What I found was not only did I lose weight, but I also looked and felt more muscular. The best part was that I could do this entire workout from my home instead of having to go to a gym. Yes, you could go to a gym who has kettlebells to use, but you’d be much better off buying your own since it is much cheaper.

All in all, I recommend the Kettlebell Burn workout ebook for people looking for a different type of workout that produces great results. It only takes up a little bit of time each day as well to stay on track.

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Full Body Licious Review

Women are different than men. There is the obvious statement of the day. However, many workout programs don’t seem to really think that way. Yes, you might use less weight, but you would still be doing to same exercises. I wanted to see if Full Body Licious actually provided a unique workout that I could pass along to the women in my life looking to be fit, but not bulky and too muscular.

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As soon as I saw Full Body Licious was written by Flavia Del Monte, I kind of laughed. As a guy, I know all about a Vince Del Monte and his many workout programs for the men. All this time I had no idea he had a wife who was doing the same thing on the women’s side. She does a great job breaking everything down for you so you know exactly what needs to be done in Full Body Licious.

The program itself focuses mostly on the two most important things to stay fit: workouts and diet. I knew when I started my Full Body Licious review that they would probably focus on this, but what I wanted to get to was how she changed it up from typical male workouts.

All the workouts in Full Body Licious focus on specific areas of a woman’s body to tone muscles and trim off fat. You won’t become a bodybuilder doing these workouts, which is what most women are afraid of if they work out too much. With videos to help guide you, the workouts can be done in no time from your own home.

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The diet part of Full Body Licious is big on cutting out a lot of carbohydrates in your body so you can speed up your metabolism. I know some people are big on low carb diets, while others aren’t, but if you want to start somewhere this diet can be benefical. If you already have a diet that works well for you try that as well.

After going through this program, I see no reason not to recommend this to any woman I know. The workouts and diets are explained well, and the workouts even come in video format. The fact that the last name of the author is Del Monte also carries a lot of weight, because of the success her husband has had. Give it a try and see if you can become a lot more tone.

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Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review

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People associate working out with getting a gym membership. Much like jobs though, the workout routines have began shifting to home areas for convenience reasons. With Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, you do not need the gym or weights. So does it work?

The first thing I have to say in my Bodyweight Exercise Revolution review before starting is out of all the countless ones I have tried, this one has to be among my favorites. I am a simple person when it comes to buying things. I don’t want to create a home gym at my house. I want to just get my work in and move on.

With the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, I could feel the workout from day one. I am not sure if it is because you are using strictly your body or not, but for those wondering, your body can be quite the resistance! You do not really think of it that way, since most avid weight lifters can bench and squat much more than their own bodyweight. The burn though was pretty outstanding.

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Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock are the two men behind the workout regimen. They really emphasis an interval type training with the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution , meaning you do reps of exercises at one time and then resting about a minute in between.

Now let me quickly go over what I liked and didn’t like about this in my Bodyweight Exercise Revolution review. As stated before, I absolutely love the simplicity of this program. If you are on the road a lot like myself, you just need to do the routines anywhere you have a little speak. Even though you may look a little strange, you could honestly do this at a park or something if you have no place else to go.

The results were pretty significant too. I know a lot of people, even myself, doubted at first how much muscle you could gain with no weights. Just remember that football great Hershall Walker was said to never lift a weight either, and he was huge.

The small complaint I have is the nutritional information that is included. It’s not bad, it’s not great. It’s a good guide, I just wish maybe it had some more recipes so I could mix it up more. If you know the basics though, you can make the nutritional guide in the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution work.

Anyone on a budget should use the little money they have to get this program. You can buy it for less than one month at a good gym.

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Fitness Model Program Review

Every fitness program out there has pictures of these fitness model people claiming you can get those results. For some people, they just want to lose a few pounds, not get in that great of shape. However, if you are looking to really step up your weight loss and get a body everyone envies, the Fitness Model Program promises that.

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Although I have tried out just about every program on this website, I must say that I never completed the program all the way through before doing a Fitness Model Program review. Simply put, I just wasn’t looking for that. However, from the stuff I did with the program, not to mention knowing about 10 people who have completed it, I have no question this system can give the results you want.

Jennifer Nicole Lee developed this system for people looking to really step up their workout. The best part with the Fitness Model Program is it focuses more on working out, and less on diet. Not to say that diet isn’t important because it obviously is. You only work out four times a week which on paper might not seem like a lot, but the workouts are intense. Because they are intense, the carbohydrates and other things that some diets eliminate will be included with this.

Now it’s time to give you my own personal experience. Again, remember I didn’t complete it, only did it a while. That is why I will incorporate results my friends in colleagues have had. The workouts are really, really tough. One of the hardest workouts out there. This should not be a problem though since most people looking for the Fitness Model Program want the top results.

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I had some results in just the two weeks I tried it out. Nothing major, since that is just a short period of time, but enough for me to know it was working. My friend was in great shape already, but wanted to begin stepping it up even more. A girl who worked out every day, she still felt a lot of the burn in the Fitness Model Program. Her results were great as well. She lost 15 pounds while gaining muscle in 2 months time, and that is from a girl already in good shape. If you are a little heavier right now, you could lose a lot more.

If you are looking to get in the shape of all the models you see hyping up other programs, chances are your best bet is to get the look with the Fitness Model Program. Those models probably did it too, before hyping up another product.

Get cut and in the best shape of your life with the Fitness Model Program.

1000 Calorie Challenge Review

A lot of workout and weight loss products try to catch your eye with a fancy name. With the 1000 Calorie Challenge ebook, they put it out there what they are promising. So did this system really work, or did it end up being a scam and a waste of money for me?

Arnel Ricafranca and Joe Marion are the two men behind this program. I decided to do a hands-on 1000 Calorie Challenge review after reading some information on the program. They may not be super well known, but there are fitness trainers who have made appearances on major networks before. Both have been around for a while, and they teamed up for this system.

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The name is just a bit misleading. You will not be burning 1000 calories from the beginning. The workouts will range from 300-1000 calories burned. You will need to stick with it for 8 weeks to complete the workout. With all those numbers being thrown around, it is pretty obvious this is a serious program for people wanting to get a lot of results. That means to burn 1000 calories, the workouts will be long and hard.

I had a pretty positive time with the 1000 Calorie Challenge (get started on your workouts now by clicking here). It is a rough challenge, but one I was up to since I was so focused on getting stronger and in better shape. You want to make sure you eat healthier as well when doing this, and the diet manual they include with the program is pretty sufficient. You may look for more types of recipes online if you wish (for more variety), but that is up to you.

The main components that come with the 1000 Calorie Challenge includes the actual system, audio tips, checklists, journals, diet plans and more. I really felt I got the most out of my money, since none of it was filler material that some products will send you. I have used every component that was included. If you are wanting a very intense, hard workout to lose the calories and get back in shape sooner rather than later, this one works greats. Just make sure you know going in that this is meant for only the very focused, intense people looking to get in outstanding shape.

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Transformation Solution Program Review

Whenever you start any fitness, weight loss program, you have certain goals in mind. Well, with Bill Phillips’ Transformation Solution Program, it makes you commit to those goals in ways you never thought possible.

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The whole basis that separates this from any other program, is that in the Transformation Solution Program, you are held more responsible when it comes to meeting your goals. This includes all the nutrition, fitness and fat loss you are targeting to achieve. While this is all physical on the outside, you also need to change your mental and emotional state to achieve this. So in essence, what you get with Phillips is not just some cookie cutter plan, but in fact an all out lifestyle. You are responsible for how you get out of it.

If you are like me, you always seem somewhat motivated, but obviously if you were all the way motivated you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place (you’d already be in tip top shape). So, I must say that out of all the exercise training and weight loss programs I have tried, in my Transformation Solution Program review I would rate this one highest on the mental aspect of everything. And really, that is what it is all about. All workouts and diet will work to a certain degree if you do them, you just have to do them. They give you the tools to stay on track.

See how easy Transformation Solution Program is to stick to.

Along with the standard workouts, cookbooks and other guides, you will get a success journal to document things, motivational tips on audio or video formats, and other components (NO SUPPLEMENTS) that will keep you going during the entire workout.

I learned and put in action a lot of things during my time doing this program. I dropped bad habit (skipping breakfast was the main one), how to commit to goals, how to exercise the smart way and just how to have a winning attitude. I definitely recommend the Transformation Solution Program because in all honest, it will do what the title says. It’s up to you to get the most out of it.

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Combat The Fat Review

With all the programs out there now that are claiming to get results with little effort, it’s easy to try and gravitate to those. Make no bones about it, after going through the Combat The Fat program myself for a while with the creator Jeff Anderson, I realized this is not going to be easy. You will work hard, but it will also yield some of the best results you can find.

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As the name might suggest, Combat The FatĀ  has a bit of a military background. Jeff Anderson used to be a US military fitness trainer for years, and this gave him the base for his program. For both men and women, you can get the most out of your workouts and boost your energy the natural way.

Enough of the overview though, this is my Combat The Fat review. The first thing I thought was great was the way he broke down all the myths around the fitness world. You have all seen them, things like don’t eat any guilty foods, go on diets, bodyweight training isn’t worth it, etc. The fact is, military type training does not involve a fancy gym and a lot of equipment. You really can do a variety of things with what you have right now. Yourself.

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In Combat The Fat, he also does a nice overview of both the science, and how you can never reach that fitness plateau you hear about. It is all about variation, and I noticed it a lot. I woke up sore in different parts of my body frequently, meaning I was getting work on a different muscles each time.

Another thing that let’s you know Combat The Fat uses military-based ideas is how they simply won’t let you quit. It really motivates you to get through workouts, stay on diet and all that other stuff that is hard to stay up on. It’s like having a personal motivator with you all the time.

All in all, I really liked my experience with this program. It’s not for everyone, since it will be high intensity and not really a passive approach a lot of training workouts take. If you are really serious to get in shape though within 6 weeks, give it a try.

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Lower Body Makeover Review

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If you are looking to get your legs, butt, hips, thighs and other areas of your body in shape, you have probably found it to be a little difficult. There are a lot of workout routines, but Lower Body Makeover is the best one I have personally found that targets that certain area. Read on in my Lower Body Makeover review to see the results I’ve experienced.

First things first: I play a lot of sports. Tennis and baseball are two of my top ones. Regardless of the sport though, it all starts with strong legs. At the same time, even if you aren’t into sports, you want to make your lower body look good. What Joey Atlas has done with this program called Lower Body Makeover is develop a way to target the muscles essential to sculpting those areas.

The basic concept is using the three most important types of muscle contractions. It is made moreso for women, but men can use this too. I saw results as a guy for sports purposes, but a woman friend of mine saw more results when she was just trying to firm up.

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The best thing about this whole program is the fact that you can do all these types of workouts from the comfort of your own home. So many people are scared of the gym, or they can’t afford it, or they just don’t have the time to make it there. The #1 thing in my Lower Body Makeover review I want to stress is how easy it is to get your workout in, and then go on with your life. You don’t have to waste travel time, monthly costs and more.

Finally, let’s look at my results. Remember, I personally was looking to add strength, not necessarily tone up with the Lower Body Makeover. Therefore, I’ll also talk about a woman friend of mine who did the workout. For me, I gained endurance in my lower body, as well as gained flexibility in my hamstrings. I dropped some overall weight as well, meaning I was getting a full body workout without really knowing.

For her experience with the Lower Body Makeover routine, she was looking to get that nice look in clothes. Fit into a size smaller and have those curves really working. Even though we are just friends (don’t get any ideas haha), I really did begin to notice her slimming down and looking a lot better. So as I stated before, it is really about what you want out of it. However, whether you want to become stronger in the legs or just slim down and look better, the Lower Body Makeover can really help speed up the process for you.

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Chest Coach System Review

Hi! This is a Chest Coach System review done by me. To see the official product website, click here to get started.

When I first ordered Cliff Manchaster’s Chest Coach System, I kind of laughed a bit to be honest. Let’s face it, when you hear people talking about man boobs, you kind of get that nervous laugh about it. You even get more nervous when you know he is talking to people like you.

I never have been “fat” fat. I did always seem to carry chest fat. It made me second guess certain shirts I’d wear to hide it as much as possible. So when this training manual ended up working for me, I knew I needed to do a Chest Coach System review for everyone to read.

The great thing about Cliff’s workout system here is how personal it is. From the moment you place your order, you have access to Cliff himself who will answer any questions or problems you have. The diet and exercise program that is included in the Chest Coach System also comes with some audio instruction too if you would rather hear it than read the information while working out.

See an example on how the Chest Coach System works.

Now, I must warn you this is not a magical formula to get rid of the man boobs that have plagued you for so long. Cliff Manchaster just gives you the key to a new chest, but you must use it to unlock the body you want. Yes, I said body because when I did the Chest Coach System, I saw changes in my entire body as a result of eating healthier and the workouts. From man boobs to a pretty decent beach body if you will.

Overall, this is a good system to use for your chest workout. Would I compliment it with some other exercises? Yes, probably. This workout is pretty tough, but not to the point you are worn out the rest of the day. Maybe doing some weights or cardio as well will get you the overall body look you really want. For the chest area though, I’ve never seen better results than with the Chest Coach System.

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Face Fitness Formula Review

What is the first thing people usually look at when you meet someone? More times than not, it is your face. So if you are not happy about the shape your face is in, what can you do? One option is using the Face Fitness Formula, and as we go on I’ll tell you about my results I’ve personally seen. No longer will you have chubby cheeks or a double chin.

Get rid of that “fat face” now with the Face Fitness Formula (or continue reading my thoughts on the product).

First things first, let’s briefly go over it and see what it is all about. What they first tell you when you try out Face Fitness Formula is how, even if you are in great shape, you can still have a fat face and one that does not fit the way you want to look. Instead of just feeling sorry for yourself about this, the program shows you how to get that face into shape and get definition you never thought possible.

I’ll be the first to admit when I first tried the exercises they tell you to do, I felt funny. It’s just not stuff you are used to doing. Look at it this way though: doesn’t pressing a lot of weight up and down using your arms look silly if you think about it? No one questions that because it makes you stronger and leaner. Same thing here, except for your face you are having a different workout.

See the type of exercises you will be doing with the Face Fitness Formula.

I always seemed to have a slight baby face complexity. I was a runner in high school, so I by no means was fat, but in the face I felt I looked the part. The program is 30 days, but after two weeks I really saw noticeable differences. If you want, you can take pictures of your face every 3 days or so to track your progress and stay motivated.

All in all, I have to say in this Face Fitness Formula review that I can strongly recommend this for anyone who feels they carry too much weight in their face. You don’t want to have a double chin, or chubby cheeks. That only looks good on little kids. If you are working out all the other parts of your body, it is natural to try and give yourself a natural face lift. After all, the Face Fitness Formula is a lot cheaper than getting a face lift from a doctor.

Start using the Face Fitness Formula today to add definition to your smile.