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Great Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is not an exact science, but a lot of nutritionists and fitness experts have come close. With all that said, there are a lot of foods out there that can you help you lose weight more than others. Since I have been doing this kind of stuff for a living (in the maintenance stage now regarding my weight, but these tips still work for me), I wanted to give you my top ones to consider.

Meat (without hormones) – This is a staple in diets such as Atkins, but the fact is lean meats that are not boosted with hormones can really help you lose weight quickly. These contain very little to no carbohydrates, are low in calories and fat as well (as long as you trim off any fat that might be on raw meat after cooking). The best part is, most people already eat this. Just ditch the other unhealthy stuff you might pile onto it (I’m looking at you breading) and you will have a tasty, lean main course.

Grapefruit – Often overlooked because of other fruits, the grapefruit has recently been associated with weight loss. In fact, their is a diet called the Grapefruit diet. A whole grapefruit only is about 80 calories, and most people only eat a half at a time. The best part is the food is also known to help prevent cancer.

Pumpkin – I wanted to keep this list simple, giving you a meat, fruit and vegetable. Pumpkin doesn’t get a whole lot of love outside of Thanksgiving, but it is full of fiber and is also very filling. The one drawback is by itself it may not taste that great, but adding some slight flavoring is fine.

As with all diets and trying to lose weight, the important thing is to moderate what you eat. Incorporating these foods I have listed will have you well on your way.

Eating For Energy Review

Eating healthy means changing your lifestyle and thinking the right way. With the new ebook program Eating For Energy, they try to get you in that type of mindset to begin losing weight the right way: eating well. Does it work though or is it a lot of fluff?

Get all the information you need on Eating For Energy.

In this Eating For Energy review I’ll give you my thoughts on the program. First though, I want to give you a quick overview on what exactly it is all about. I want to do so in an unbiased way, not in a sales pitch way.

Yuri Ekiaim developed this system for people looking to find a way to burn fat off your body while increasing energy levels as much as possible. Working for both men and women, he knew he had to attack with something everyone does. Eating is essential to living, but so many people these days eat a lot of bad foods for your body.

In Eating For Energy, you may be a bit shocked at first when they talked about heated, cooked foods. Most people love to cook foods since most meats especially taste a lot better, but this weight loss program says it is bad for you. In fact, it is mostly based solely on raw vegetables and fruits for you to eat throughout the day.

See an example of things you can and can’t eat with Eating For Energy.

Skeptics are everywhere, and I definitely am one. Regardless, I just thought of this as a sort of varied version of being a vegetarian. No big deal you know, since I just wanted to get rid of weight and not feel sleepy throughout the day. This does just that if you are wanting that sort of help.

Now, I must advise those people who might not get what they want out of Eating For Energy. If you are just absolutely addicted to meat, I would pass and look for other diets (I have plenty review on this website for you to look at). Also, this is not a quick fix diet. This is a lifestyle change. You will lose weight (I was 12 pounds lighter a little over a month later), and it will stay off instead of being only a crash type diet.

If you can handle these things, I would recommend this Eating For Energy system for anyone who has tried and failed at other diets. Fueling your body with raw, natural foods worked for many years, and it will work now as well if you are wanting to stay healthy and full of energy.

If Eating For Energy sounds like the program for you, see their official site.

Paleo Cookbook Review

Hello! You’ve found my review site on the Paleo Cookbook. If you already know about the program and would like to go straight to their website, click here.

If you are trying to stay fit, keep the weight off and just boost your energy levels, you already know how important eating right is. So many processed, flat out terrible foods are out there. How can you avoid them? Well, I recently found that when it comes to making food for yourself, the Paleo Cookbook really can help you achieve the diet you want.

Past pictures of people seem to have one common theme: they were overall skinnier back in the day. If you take a look at groceries these days, it seems 75% of the food comes in boxes. Boxes for the most part equals processed, frozen food that is not completely natural. So what if we decided to go back to our roots and eat naturally? Most Paleo Cookbook review write-ups will tell this technique works wonders. After doing it myself, I completely agree.

At first when trying this diet, I knew I had to say goodbye to the middle aisles of the grocery store for the most part. If you have ever noticed, the middle rows are filled with processed, boxed foods that may or may not be made of natural materials. On the perimeter is fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, and other foods that have been in diets for centuries.

See what you can and can’t eat in the Paleo Cookbook.

The ebook comes with two actual cookbooks to read through. The first is “Paleo eating for modern people” and the second is “Recipes for the 21st century gatherer.” Both boast a ton of ideas you can use to get the right diet kickstarted for you with recipes you can use to change things up.

Now, let me go over the pros and cons quickly in my Paleo Cookbook review. The first thing you need to know is that it is all sent to you in an ebook file. That can be good and bad. The good is you get it instantly. The bad is if you don’t have a computer you can carry around, or a printer, you will have trouble actually making the food in the kitchen since you can’t view it. You must find a way around that if you want to make the most out of the book.

The Paleo Diet is known throughout the world for being a healthy option for those people looking to get fit the right way. You will also be able to boost your energy levels, have better complexion and give yourself other health benefits. I recommend it if other diets have failed, since I was in the same boat. This diet worked for me because I made the right choices at the grocery store. Because of that, I lost body fat just by changing my diet and continuing to workout three times a week.

Learn more about the Paleo Cookbook here.

Metabolic Cooking Review

So many people when trying to lose weight will begin to focus only on the exercise part. Need help with the cooking, diet and eating part? Metabolic Cooking seems to do a great job covering you on those areas.

Jump straight to the Metabolic Cooking website here.

After trying these recipes out for about 2 months now, I feel pretty confident about writing a Metabolic Cooking review. I have seen a loss in body fat, more energy to workout and just overall well being I wasn’t getting when ordering fast foods every day.

Most diets become extremely boring and bland. What do you do when you have bland food? Well, unless you are a pet who doesn’t know any better, you start to lose all interest. With Metabolic Cooking, you not only eat well, but you eat differently. Keeping your taste buds satisfied is half the battle with sticking to your diet.

See examples of some of the great meals you can make in minutes.

Of course, another big part of dieting is seeing the results quickly. As stated earlier in my Metabolic Cooking review, I really feel in love with the results I had because it got me out of the fast food restaurants and into my home making meals. If you are like me, the kitchen was a place I didn’t spend much time in. Well, I still don’t spend a ton of time in there, because it has a lot of recipes that are easy to make. Let me put it this way: I’d be hard pressed to find someone who cooked less than me before, so I know you can handle it as long as you have a kitchen of your own.

As is the case with most diets, if you also want to combine them with a good workout program that will work well. Basically any type of workout will fit with the Metabolic Cooking cookbook. Fueling your body is the most important thing when you are working hard, and this is like the premium grade of fuel you can feed your body. Now it is time to use that fuel and push your body to fitness limits.

Begin your journey in the kitchen with Metabolic Cooking today!