Fat Loss Factor Review

By The Loser

Many people are looking for that one factor to trim the fat off your body as quickly as possible. While it may never be that one thing, the Fact Loss Factor does promise to help you shed that weight that has been troubling you for years. Read on to see my overall thoughts on the program after trying it out.

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The first thing I noticed about the Fat Loss Factor is they throw you straight into things at the beginning. In fact, the first two weeks is a cleansing phase, where you will be going through a type of detox program. You limit yourself to only certain natural foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Afterwards, you then begin to slowly eat like a more normal person. However, you also now have the energy to workout with a lot more intensity to go along with it. You can do the Fat Loss Factor at three varying levels depending on how advanced you are.

The workouts that Dr. Michael Allen, the creator of this system, has put together is a true full body workout. The recipe book (which is included free of charge) should be followed since these foods will give you the energy you need to get through the workout program. If you do not have the energy, these workouts will be a little more difficult than you might imagine.

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So after going through it completely about a year ago, I finally got around to writing my Fat Loss Factor review. No, it wasn’t because I didn’t like it, it was because I was enjoying my new body and my new energy. Seriously, I never thought that would be the case (I used to sit around and browse the internet all day for activity). Now I feel fitter, have gotten back into the sports I played in high school, and I don’t pass out after work. Getting these results means you must stick with the program, and watch what you eat once it is over, but other than that all the tools you need already belong to you. Good luck if you do decide to try Fat Loss Factor for yourself.

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