Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Exercise and weight loss seem to be inseparable. The fact is, not everyone can exercise though and so they look for other options. So the question is: can you lose weight without exercise?

The answer of course is yes, it just puts a bigger emphasis on eating correctly. When you workout, it basically gives you more ways to eat what you want and take in more calories. You will burn more when doing exercises.

If you opt not to do any exercise, you still burn calories during the day. Your body is always burning calories off, just not at as quick a rate obviously. Walking around, doing everyday work will burn more calories than you think, although this is not ideal.

The important thing to look at though is why are you not working out? If you are able bodied, you should definitely give it a try. It will help you keep the weight off, and also build muscles. Being active will also help you with staying overall healthy in every way possible.

Another option is to have weight loss surgery done if you just can’t exercise. Many people have had success with this, but again I would consider this an idea only if nothing else works for you. It is important to limit these surgeries to extreme cases, because some even consider it a form of cheating yourself by taking the easy way out.

Exercising is a person’s best friend to keep themselves in good shape. I know it is easier to say and think about than actually do it, but once you begin you might fall in love with the idea and continue to do it. The important thing is to begin. Best of all, you can begin to eat the foods you like again and they won’t have as huge an impact on your stomach.

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review

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People associate working out with getting a gym membership. Much like jobs though, the workout routines have began shifting to home areas for convenience reasons. With Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, you do not need the gym or weights. So does it work?

The first thing I have to say in my Bodyweight Exercise Revolution review before starting is out of all the countless ones I have tried, this one has to be among my favorites. I am a simple person when it comes to buying things. I don’t want to create a home gym at my house. I want to just get my work in and move on.

With the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, I could feel the workout from day one. I am not sure if it is because you are using strictly your body or not, but for those wondering, your body can be quite the resistance! You do not really think of it that way, since most avid weight lifters can bench and squat much more than their own bodyweight. The burn though was pretty outstanding.

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Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock are the two men behind the workout regimen. They really emphasis an interval type training with the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution , meaning you do reps of exercises at one time and then resting about a minute in between.

Now let me quickly go over what I liked and didn’t like about this in my Bodyweight Exercise Revolution review. As stated before, I absolutely love the simplicity of this program. If you are on the road a lot like myself, you just need to do the routines anywhere you have a little speak. Even though you may look a little strange, you could honestly do this at a park or something if you have no place else to go.

The results were pretty significant too. I know a lot of people, even myself, doubted at first how much muscle you could gain with no weights. Just remember that football great Hershall Walker was said to never lift a weight either, and he was huge.

The small complaint I have is the nutritional information that is included. It’s not bad, it’s not great. It’s a good guide, I just wish maybe it had some more recipes so I could mix it up more. If you know the basics though, you can make the nutritional guide in the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution work.

Anyone on a budget should use the little money they have to get this program. You can buy it for less than one month at a good gym.

If you feel the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is right for you, try it out now.

Fitness Model Program Review

Every fitness program out there has pictures of these fitness model people claiming you can get those results. For some people, they just want to lose a few pounds, not get in that great of shape. However, if you are looking to really step up your weight loss and get a body everyone envies, the Fitness Model Program promises that.

See what all the buzz surrounding the Fitness Model Program is about.

Although I have tried out just about every program on this website, I must say that I never completed the program all the way through before doing a Fitness Model Program review. Simply put, I just wasn’t looking for that. However, from the stuff I did with the program, not to mention knowing about 10 people who have completed it, I have no question this system can give the results you want.

Jennifer Nicole Lee developed this system for people looking to really step up their workout. The best part with the Fitness Model Program is it focuses more on working out, and less on diet. Not to say that diet isn’t important because it obviously is. You only work out four times a week which on paper might not seem like a lot, but the workouts are intense. Because they are intense, the carbohydrates and other things that some diets eliminate will be included with this.

Now it’s time to give you my own personal experience. Again, remember I didn’t complete it, only did it a while. That is why I will incorporate results my friends in colleagues have had. The workouts are really, really tough. One of the hardest workouts out there. This should not be a problem though since most people looking for the Fitness Model Program want the top results.

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I had some results in just the two weeks I tried it out. Nothing major, since that is just a short period of time, but enough for me to know it was working. My friend was in great shape already, but wanted to begin stepping it up even more. A girl who worked out every day, she still felt a lot of the burn in the Fitness Model Program. Her results were great as well. She lost 15 pounds while gaining muscle in 2 months time, and that is from a girl already in good shape. If you are a little heavier right now, you could lose a lot more.

If you are looking to get in the shape of all the models you see hyping up other programs, chances are your best bet is to get the look with the Fitness Model Program. Those models probably did it too, before hyping up another product.

Get cut and in the best shape of your life with the Fitness Model Program.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

No workout product puts it as bluntly as this. If you are not happy with your current weight, the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program promises you that they can make things easy on you. Weight loss is simple if they walk you through it. Although I’ve tried a lot of workouts, I am no expert myself on the specifics of training. So I decided to give this a try.

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I need to point out in my Fat Loss 4 Idiots review that all in all I was extremely please with the results. Not only that, it was easy (relatively speaking) to follow. Therefore, I’d recommend this to just about anyone, save the super intense athletes who might want something that targets specific areas.

Their initial claim is to lose 9 pounds in 11 days. A lot of that will depend on your current habits. If you eat whatever you want and never work out, those first 11 days will be very tough. However, you will most likely lose much more than 9 pounds as well on the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program.

My personal results with the program led me to believe that initial weight loss was water weight. This is normal at the beginning, kind of a way to cleanse your body. However, after a month I was somewhere between 15-20 pounds lighter. That included a lot of fat burning.

Learn more about cleansing your body in Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

For the most part, Fat Loss 4 Idiots focuses on diet, since that is the root of most people’s problems. If you can eat healthy, you will not need as much exercise to burn calories off. The diet is pretty good, nothing too crazy that you have to limit yourself too. It really is a simple, easy to handle diet that gives you results.

The most important advice I’ll give to people looking to start the Fat Loss 4 Idiots ebook program is that you must commit yourself to dropping weight. This is considered, for the most part, to be an easy, beginner diet for the busy person. You need to commit to the lifestyle changes though, or you will not see the results you want.

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1000 Calorie Challenge Review

A lot of workout and weight loss products try to catch your eye with a fancy name. With the 1000 Calorie Challenge ebook, they put it out there what they are promising. So did this system really work, or did it end up being a scam and a waste of money for me?

Arnel Ricafranca and Joe Marion are the two men behind this program. I decided to do a hands-on 1000 Calorie Challenge review after reading some information on the program. They may not be super well known, but there are fitness trainers who have made appearances on major networks before. Both have been around for a while, and they teamed up for this system.

Learn more about the origins of the 1000 Calorie Challenge.

The name is just a bit misleading. You will not be burning 1000 calories from the beginning. The workouts will range from 300-1000 calories burned. You will need to stick with it for 8 weeks to complete the workout. With all those numbers being thrown around, it is pretty obvious this is a serious program for people wanting to get a lot of results. That means to burn 1000 calories, the workouts will be long and hard.

I had a pretty positive time with the 1000 Calorie Challenge (get started on your workouts now by clicking here). It is a rough challenge, but one I was up to since I was so focused on getting stronger and in better shape. You want to make sure you eat healthier as well when doing this, and the diet manual they include with the program is pretty sufficient. You may look for more types of recipes online if you wish (for more variety), but that is up to you.

The main components that come with the 1000 Calorie Challenge includes the actual system, audio tips, checklists, journals, diet plans and more. I really felt I got the most out of my money, since none of it was filler material that some products will send you. I have used every component that was included. If you are wanting a very intense, hard workout to lose the calories and get back in shape sooner rather than later, this one works greats. Just make sure you know going in that this is meant for only the very focused, intense people looking to get in outstanding shape.

If you think you are ready to tackle the 1000 Calorie Challenge, try it out today.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

I always have billed myself as not being an expert, but just someone who has tried a ton of different workout programs to find which ones work and which ones don’t. When I first picked up the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, I was a bit skeptical, but I decided I needed to try it due to the reviews I had read before.

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Before I really get into my Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review, I want to give you a brief overview so you know how the program developed by fitness guru Joel Marion works. Since you can read that on their official site, I then want to go over my personal thoughts so you can make a smart buying decision with your money. With thousands of weight loss programs out there, you need to spend your money wisely.

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet ebook is packed with a lot of hard work in the 25 days. That’s right, the program is not very long, but boy oh boy you will be working hard. In fact, in those 25 days it is broken up into 5 sets of 5. If that makes it easier to get through, I would look at it that way. Five short sets of five workouts.

When they say Xtreme in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, they really mean it. I went in expecting it to be hard, like all diets and weight loss plans to a degree, but this one is more intense than others.

See how intense the workouts can get.

As hard as you work in the fitness department, I must touch on what you will be doing while eating. They will have fasting days where you obviously don’t eat anything, and then cheat days where you can eat whatever you want. Depending on what type of person you are, this will either be a great thing or a scary thing. Going in I was a bit unsure if this would work properly for me, since I was used to eating every day with smaller meals, but I found it to not be a big deal.

Overall, the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review I did went pretty well for me. I dropped pounds (somewhere between 10-12 pounds) and overall I felt I was eating better. Fasting is not something I recommend to continue doing, but during the program it seems fine.

Try out the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet today.

The Diet Solution Program Review

Below is my review on The Diet Solution Program. Jump to their official site for any additional information and to purchase by clicking here.

Many diets, while not billed as a crash diet, is in fact a short term deal. It gives you that little boost, and then it is up to you to remain healthy or put the weight back on. With The Diet Solution Program, it is a complete lifestyle changer for the short and long term. So is it worth getting into this commitment?

Isabel De Los Rios first developed this system because she had a sick mother who was also a diabetic. She needed to find something that could help people with all types of backgrounds to change the way they eat for the better.

When I first started The Diet Solution Program review, the first thing I noticed is how much detail is put into this ebook. The main program is just under 100 pages in a PDF file, but you also get seven other guides in the basic package. All of them are helpful in changing your eating habits, walking you through the process and just being overall healthier.

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The one disappointment I had with The Diet Solution Program is there is no exercise program that is included in it. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t have expected one since it is all about the diet, but having even a basic one would be nice since everyone should get exercise as well.

Getting back to the nutritional part though, there really is nothing better to guide you to eat the right way. You will be able to eat tasty foods as well as opposed to the normal diet food. Keep in mind though that the food The Diet Solution Program recommends sometimes will cost you more than what you are used to spending, but just remember what you may pay now to eat healthier will prevent you from paying health bills later in life.

If you are looking for a nice, solid diet program that is fairly easy to stick to for long periods of time, The Diet Solution Program is one of the best I’ve had the experience of trying. Find a nice workout program to accompany it and you should be well on your way to a much healthier lifestyle.

If you are struggling with eating healthy, consider trying out The Diet Solution Program today.

Fat Burning Furnace Review

Losing fat weight and gaining muscle weight is basically the goal for the majority of people out there starting a new workout program. So when the Fat Burning Furnace promises exactly that, I had to see if this product was just a scam, or if it truly worked.

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When I first got my hands on the ebook put out by Rob Poulos, I began reading and comparing it to the countless other products I have demoed and reviewed. This was, of course to see if this one was worth recommending to others or even trying in the first place.

What makes the Fat Burning Furnace different from other products is it focuses more on weight lifting than doing cardio for the exercise. Through their science, Rob has found that lifting seems to give you more results in the fat burning and muscle building that you want. I have to say, what he says makes sense, and of course my individual results made me a believer as well.

Most people will be pleased to know that because it is weight lifting, the workouts are under 30 minutes for the most part. That is huge for someone looking to start the Fat Burning Furnace but may not have the time to dedicate an hour or more to working out. I was able to get my workouts in when doing the Fat Burning Furnace review during the mornings before going to work. The workouts can also be done just using your body weight, which is another bonus if you don’t have equipment.

Discover more of what goes into Fat Burning Furnace workouts.

While a nutritional guide is included with the Fat Burning Furnace system, it’s pretty basic. It gets the job done, and for the most part gives you what you need to know, but if you want to have more recipes and food choices, you might want to look online for free supplementary choices. They are all around, and even though it might take up some time, it’s well worth it.

The most important thing I must stress with the Fat Burning Furnace is you must stick with it. Seriously, 30 minutes a day to workout should be easy to get in. If you can’t find the time to do this workout program, I’m not sure where else you should look. The best part is, it just works. I got stronger, more defined and lost about 10 pounds after a month. Your weight loss will vary depending on where you are in overall health right now, but if you are looking for a short, effective workout you can stick to, try this one out.

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Master Cleanse Secrets Review

Read about Master Cleanse Secrets first if you are unsure about the program.

The Master Cleanse Secrets, also known as the Lemonade Diet or Cleanse, has been a hot way to get healthy fast in Hollywood. With all the hype, I knew I had to try it to see if it was just paying for good reviews, or if it truly worked as it says it does.

The basis of using the Master Cleanse Secrets ebook is to clear your body out with all the toxins that might be in it right now. It promises to get everything back to normal, sort of like a reset button, when it comes to your appetite, hormones and metabolism among other things.

When I first decided to do my Master Cleanse Secrets review, I knew going in that a lot of people try it and fail. I made it clear to myself that failing is not an option. I’ll be completely honest: the first 3 days is really, really hard. One of the hardest things I’ve done with a diet, but it was so worth it as I got towards the end. Don’t worry though, you can eat some safe foods during the cleanse, so don’t think it is complete fasting.

See examples of safe foods with the program.

The entire diet lasts just 10 days, which is good and bad. The good is you can get amazing results in that time. The bad is if you do The Master Cleanse Secrets, then go back to your old habits, you will be in the need of drinking a lot more lemonade and doing this cleanse in the near future. You want to avoid that if at all possible, and the ebook comes with tips on how to do it.

I need to stress again though that this diet is a rather extreme one. If you don’t have the willpower to do something like this, maybe the cleanse is not right for you. If you are up to the challenge though, the results match the effort you put into it. I have never felt so well and ready to go after such a short diet. Celebrities, such as Beyonce, swear by this type of diet. Countless people and myself can’t all be wrong. Just don’t feel like the Master Cleanse Secrets plan will be a walk in the park.

If you are up to the challenge, check out the Master Cleanse Secrets website to order here.

Acid Alkaline Diet Review

If you are not really up on diets, your first thought when seeing the name Acid Alkaline Diet might be “is this a battery website or something.” No, it certainly isn’t that, but what it claims to do is help you lose weight in a unique way. Read on to see my thoughts.

Find out the background of the Acid Alkaline Diet.

I won’t claim to be a weight loss, diet expert, but I have tried a ton out there. I feel actually trying them surely beats just reading about them, but that is for you to decide after reading what I have to say. In this Acid Alkaline Diet review, I will give a brief overview of the plan, and then I’ll tell you the pros and cons I went through in my personal journey.

The basis of the Acid Alkaline Diet is to separate and eat two types of foods: alkaline-forming and acid-forming. The goal is to get 80% of the foods from the former category, 20% from the latter. If you don’t follow a diet like this, your pH balance in your body can be thrown out of whack. You might be wondering which foods are in which categories. I’m not going to fill this page up with charts, but a good generalization is most alkaline-forming foods are fruits and vegetables. It is not a completely vegetarian diet, but it has similar qualities to those.

That being said, you can kind of see the pros and cons forming already of this diet. The pros are, you get results and it just plain works. I first believed with the data they have to back it up, dating back over 50 years. I further believed when I began to lose some weight and keep it off following this system.

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The major con of course is the serious meat eater. There are diets out there that work well and are pro-meat. In fact, I have reviewed some of them on this site so take a look around. In the Acid Alkaline Diet, they claim that eating this more vegetarian way goes back to the old days where we didn’t fill ourselves up with processed foods.

I do want to touch on a variation many have tried, and even I did towards the end of things. If you incorporate some light, lean meats in your food (topping on salad, small entree, etc.) you should still be able to meet your goals. The ebook sometimes goes a little crazy with the recommendations, but these slight changes could help the heavy meat eater adjust.

Try the Acid Alkaline Diet today if this sounds interesting to you.