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Kettlebell Burn Review

I’m sure I am in the same predicament as many of you out there. I want to lose fat and build muscle with limited time commitment because, well there are only 24 hours in the day. I’ve tried a variety of workout plans, so when I heard about the Kettlebell Burn (and Kettlebell Burn 2.0) workout I figured, why not try one more?

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If you are not familiar with the kettlebell, you aren’t alone. It’s a different type of weight and it comes in various weights. I wanted to know though how this kettlebell could combine with Kettlebell Burn workouts to give me the results I wanted.

Geoff Neupert, the author of Kettlebell Burn and Kettlebell Burn 2.0, explains on his site as well as in the ebook just how much research he put into the program. I know when I started my Kettlebell Burn review, I figured he put this plan together quickly just to make a dollar. However, he explains it took him 17 years to perfect the research and be confident enough to know that it works.

Now, since we’ve gotten through the intro, let’s dive straight into my Kettlebell Burn review. At first I was skeptical of the actual kettlebell, but it was a unique and tough workout. It is also so versatile, making it easy to switch up workouts so the program doesn’t become stale.

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I gave it four weeks before looking at my results so I could give the system a fair shake. What I found was not only did I lose weight, but I also looked and felt more muscular. The best part was that I could do this entire workout from my home instead of having to go to a gym. Yes, you could go to a gym who has kettlebells to use, but you’d be much better off buying your own since it is much cheaper.

All in all, I recommend the Kettlebell Burn workout ebook for people looking for a different type of workout that produces great results. It only takes up a little bit of time each day as well to stay on track.

Check out the official Kettlebell Burn and Kettlebell Burn 2.0 website for additional information.

1000 Calorie Challenge Review

A lot of workout and weight loss products try to catch your eye with a fancy name. With the 1000 Calorie Challenge ebook, they put it out there what they are promising. So did this system really work, or did it end up being a scam and a waste of money for me?

Arnel Ricafranca and Joe Marion are the two men behind this program. I decided to do a hands-on 1000 Calorie Challenge review after reading some information on the program. They may not be super well known, but there are fitness trainers who have made appearances on major networks before. Both have been around for a while, and they teamed up for this system.

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The name is just a bit misleading. You will not be burning 1000 calories from the beginning. The workouts will range from 300-1000 calories burned. You will need to stick with it for 8 weeks to complete the workout. With all those numbers being thrown around, it is pretty obvious this is a serious program for people wanting to get a lot of results. That means to burn 1000 calories, the workouts will be long and hard.

I had a pretty positive time with the 1000 Calorie Challenge (get started on your workouts now by clicking here). It is a rough challenge, but one I was up to since I was so focused on getting stronger and in better shape. You want to make sure you eat healthier as well when doing this, and the diet manual they include with the program is pretty sufficient. You may look for more types of recipes online if you wish (for more variety), but that is up to you.

The main components that come with the 1000 Calorie Challenge includes the actual system, audio tips, checklists, journals, diet plans and more. I really felt I got the most out of my money, since none of it was filler material that some products will send you. I have used every component that was included. If you are wanting a very intense, hard workout to lose the calories and get back in shape sooner rather than later, this one works greats. Just make sure you know going in that this is meant for only the very focused, intense people looking to get in outstanding shape.

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Final Phase Fat Loss Review

If you are like most people in the world, you are always conscious about your weight. A lot of people find themselves in between in shape and obese. They just want to lose 10 to 15 pounds. After going through some programs, I found Final Phase Fat Loss and decided to give it a try. I must say this informative program really helped me out.

Here is the Final Phase Fat Loss official website if you are in need of additional information.

The first thing I noticed was the overall depth they gave me for something that should only take 6 weeks to complete. Eight items in all are included, including logs, training and exercises, supplement guides and just how to eat properly. Before starting the Final Phase Fat Loss training, I had a pretty passive approach to trying to lose weight. John Romaniello really put together something here that keeps you motivated as you look to shed those pounds in no time.

As far as my Final Phase Fat Loss review on my results, I was pretty pleased. I went in wanting to lose the same weight they advertise: 10-15 pounds. I lost 14 officially, which I am more than pleased with. For all I know, it could be more now, but I don’t weigh myself all the time. The important thing was I looked the way I wanted to look.

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The basis of how these exercises work is it designed to cheat your hormonal system, which is a main cause of how you lose weight. John does a much better job explaining this than I do, but when you read his take it all makes sense. The important thing is it targets that belly fat so many of us wants gone, and the Final Phase Fat Loss system also keeps you from plateauing in your workouts like so many other programs do.

I recommend this just for about everyone. I have yet to hear a friend not say they did not see results as long as they did everything correctly. It is important to follow this system the right way, and since it is only 6 weeks, that is basically nothing. If you buckle down for 1.5 months, the Final Phase Fat Loss system will work for you.

If the Final Phase Fat Loss system sounds like the right fit for you, try it today.