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Full Body Licious Review

Women are different than men. There is the obvious statement of the day. However, many workout programs don’t seem to really think that way. Yes, you might use less weight, but you would still be doing to same exercises. I wanted to see if Full Body Licious actually provided a unique workout that I could pass along to the women in my life looking to be fit, but not bulky and too muscular.

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As soon as I saw Full Body Licious was written by Flavia Del Monte, I kind of laughed. As a guy, I know all about a Vince Del Monte and his many workout programs for the men. All this time I had no idea he had a wife who was doing the same thing on the women’s side. She does a great job breaking everything down for you so you know exactly what needs to be done in Full Body Licious.

The program itself focuses mostly on the two most important things to stay fit: workouts and diet. I knew when I started my Full Body Licious review that they would probably focus on this, but what I wanted to get to was how she changed it up from typical male workouts.

All the workouts in Full Body Licious focus on specific areas of a woman’s body to tone muscles and trim off fat. You won’t become a bodybuilder doing these workouts, which is what most women are afraid of if they work out too much. With videos to help guide you, the workouts can be done in no time from your own home.

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The diet part of Full Body Licious is big on cutting out a lot of carbohydrates in your body so you can speed up your metabolism. I know some people are big on low carb diets, while others aren’t, but if you want to start somewhere this diet can be benefical. If you already have a diet that works well for you try that as well.

After going through this program, I see no reason not to recommend this to any woman I know. The workouts and diets are explained well, and the workouts even come in video format. The fact that the last name of the author is Del Monte also carries a lot of weight, because of the success her husband has had. Give it a try and see if you can become a lot more tone.

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How Losing Weight Can Help You Mentally

When people go on diets, they do so because they want to see the results on their body. However, the mental aspect of losing weight will actually make a huge difference in regards to you as well.

I have never been severely overweight, but what I would like to do is share my father’s story with you. He is about 6 foot tall, and as his weight began to get in the upper 200 pounds, he knew something had to be done.

It’s a given that he was having trouble doing physical activities. As a school teacher though, he didn’t realize until later just how much this weight gain wore on his mental state. He became bitter, fatigued easier and just did not want to do much of anything.

Once he found a way to lose all that weight (got down to the low 200s, where he still is today), he mentally became a lot stronger. He enjoyed his job again, he wanted to do things after work.

The moral of the story is, if you are suffering with weight problems, think about all the benefits that come with finally getting back to your old weight. The physical difference will be noticeable by everyone right away.

Mentally, once you see that you are able to trim the fat off so easily, you want to constantly work at it even more. You begin to realize all that work you did can change the complete outlook of the rest of your life. If that doesn’t boost how you feel mentally, I’m not sure what else could.

Good luck if you are about to start your battle with the bulge. As you can see on the rest of this site, there are a lot of great programs to help you stay motivated. Some even focus on the mental aspect, so pay close attention to those.

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review

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People associate working out with getting a gym membership. Much like jobs though, the workout routines have began shifting to home areas for convenience reasons. With Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, you do not need the gym or weights. So does it work?

The first thing I have to say in my Bodyweight Exercise Revolution review before starting is out of all the countless ones I have tried, this one has to be among my favorites. I am a simple person when it comes to buying things. I don’t want to create a home gym at my house. I want to just get my work in and move on.

With the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, I could feel the workout from day one. I am not sure if it is because you are using strictly your body or not, but for those wondering, your body can be quite the resistance! You do not really think of it that way, since most avid weight lifters can bench and squat much more than their own bodyweight. The burn though was pretty outstanding.

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Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock are the two men behind the workout regimen. They really emphasis an interval type training with the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution , meaning you do reps of exercises at one time and then resting about a minute in between.

Now let me quickly go over what I liked and didn’t like about this in my Bodyweight Exercise Revolution review. As stated before, I absolutely love the simplicity of this program. If you are on the road a lot like myself, you just need to do the routines anywhere you have a little speak. Even though you may look a little strange, you could honestly do this at a park or something if you have no place else to go.

The results were pretty significant too. I know a lot of people, even myself, doubted at first how much muscle you could gain with no weights. Just remember that football great Hershall Walker was said to never lift a weight either, and he was huge.

The small complaint I have is the nutritional information that is included. It’s not bad, it’s not great. It’s a good guide, I just wish maybe it had some more recipes so I could mix it up more. If you know the basics though, you can make the nutritional guide in the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution work.

Anyone on a budget should use the little money they have to get this program. You can buy it for less than one month at a good gym.

If you feel the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is right for you, try it out now.