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The Natural Thyroid Diet

The Natural Thyroid Diet review below is filled with my own personal thoughts on the program. If you are already looking to buy this system, Click Here.

Chances are you have heard people say they aren’t fat, they have a thyroid problem. I’m also going to guess the majority of you don’t really know what that means, since people don’t talk about their thyroid a lot. However, there is a program that has been out for a while titled The Natural Thyroid Diet, and they claim to solve all your problems and help you lose weight.

Whether you want to deal with it or not, a thyroid problem can be troublesome. I have relatives and friends who have had difficulties, so that is why I decided to do The Natural Thyroid Diet review here before signing off on it.

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First, let’s cover some basics. If you thyroid is underactive, it makes it close to impossible to lose any type of weight. The last thing you want to deal with is extra weight on top of other health problems.

The reason why the thyroid holds you back is because if you eat less calories, your thyroid slows down even more. The Natural Thyroid Diet will try to correct that though.

The great thing about The Natural Thyroid Diet is it gives you meals you should eat to really help out the problem you have. As long as you have the knowledge, that’s half the battle.

In fact, the author of The Natural Thyroid Diet, Louise O’Connor, has dedicated a lot of her life as a wellness coach, but she specializes in thyroid problems. This is something she is very knowledgeable about, and she continues to surprise you with all of her knowledge in her book. She used to do sessions that ended up costing people who signed up around $80-$100 a session. Her ebook program here is not even near that.

I personally didn’t try the diet since my thyroid is in good shape. However, I can tell by reviewing what all comes in the diet that it is definitely worth a try. I also know from personal testimonies from relatives that did use the system that it can help anyone out. Think about it, only a small amount of money to fix a problem you thought was unfixable? You should definitely give The Natural Thyroid Diet a try.

Learn more about The Natural Thyroid Diet system and get started here.

Cheat Your Way Thin Review

On the outside, Cheat Your Way Thin almost sounds too good to be true. We associate cheating in regards to diets as falling off the wagon and eating a bunch of foods you really shouldn’t have.

Learn how to cheat the right way in a diet.

What I experienced when trying this ebook out though is “cheating” is definitely not a bad thing with this system. In fact, it’s the way you do it properly (I guess the name gives that part away a bit). You eat the foods you want whenever the program says you can, meaning you will not actually have to be on a diet all the time. This will help you avoid falling off the routine and binge eating when trying to Cheat Your Way Thin. You won’t have cheating opportunities every day, but they will pop up enough for most people. I did not have a problem holding off.

In my Cheat Your Way Thin review I must stress how much it helped me psychologically. If you are doing a diet that says absolutely no junk, bad foods, you might get intimidated and not even try it. With this, you know you can have breaks so I was much more willing to try it. The best part is that is built into the program so you will not be going astray.

See what others say about Cheat Your Way Thin.

When you first start the system, they have different phases that you must go through. The first stage in the Cheat Your Way Thin program, which I thought was the hardest because it was all so new, is called the priming stage and lasts three weeks. From there you go to the core and maintenance stage, and as I mentioned before once you get in the groove of this diet it really becomes significantly easier to handle.

The results I saw were pretty shocking. I do feel that the ease of this workout and diet program should be noted, since it is kind of shocking you can lose weight this way. To be completely honest, if you are looking to lose a ton of weight there are probably better options. This ebook system though will help you drop weight consistently, just not at an extreme rate. The draw of the diet though is you can live a more normal lifestyle eating wise like you do now. Just making a few adjustments in your eating style and the Cheat Your Way Thin can help drop the pounds in no time.

Ready to Cheat Your Way Thin? Read their site here and try it out when ready.

Paleo Cookbook Review

Hello! You’ve found my review site on the Paleo Cookbook. If you already know about the program and would like to go straight to their website, click here.

If you are trying to stay fit, keep the weight off and just boost your energy levels, you already know how important eating right is. So many processed, flat out terrible foods are out there. How can you avoid them? Well, I recently found that when it comes to making food for yourself, the Paleo Cookbook really can help you achieve the diet you want.

Past pictures of people seem to have one common theme: they were overall skinnier back in the day. If you take a look at groceries these days, it seems 75% of the food comes in boxes. Boxes for the most part equals processed, frozen food that is not completely natural. So what if we decided to go back to our roots and eat naturally? Most Paleo Cookbook review write-ups will tell this technique works wonders. After doing it myself, I completely agree.

At first when trying this diet, I knew I had to say goodbye to the middle aisles of the grocery store for the most part. If you have ever noticed, the middle rows are filled with processed, boxed foods that may or may not be made of natural materials. On the perimeter is fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, and other foods that have been in diets for centuries.

See what you can and can’t eat in the Paleo Cookbook.

The ebook comes with two actual cookbooks to read through. The first is “Paleo eating for modern people” and the second is “Recipes for the 21st century gatherer.” Both boast a ton of ideas you can use to get the right diet kickstarted for you with recipes you can use to change things up.

Now, let me go over the pros and cons quickly in my Paleo Cookbook review. The first thing you need to know is that it is all sent to you in an ebook file. That can be good and bad. The good is you get it instantly. The bad is if you don’t have a computer you can carry around, or a printer, you will have trouble actually making the food in the kitchen since you can’t view it. You must find a way around that if you want to make the most out of the book.

The Paleo Diet is known throughout the world for being a healthy option for those people looking to get fit the right way. You will also be able to boost your energy levels, have better complexion and give yourself other health benefits. I recommend it if other diets have failed, since I was in the same boat. This diet worked for me because I made the right choices at the grocery store. Because of that, I lost body fat just by changing my diet and continuing to workout three times a week.

Learn more about the Paleo Cookbook here.

7 Day Belly Blast Diet Review

Everyone wants to lose weight, and the sooner the better. With the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet, it’s pretty obvious that time is of the essence with thisĀ  program. So when I did my 7 Day Belly Blast Diet review after the week, you want to know if I had the right results or if I noticed nothing.

Read more on the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet.

Let me give you the short answer first: I saw a noticeable difference in days just by following the instructions. Now, I didn’t have as impressive of results as other diets that last longer, but I’ve never seen this much from so little time.

Josh Bezoni put this together for people who have time constraints. For me, I needed to get ready for a class reunion. Yes, I know that sounds lame and vain, but I wanted to look good when I went to see people I haven’t seen for years. However, the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet might seem like a quick fix, but I noticed I kept that loss weight off after a few weeks of going back to a more normal routine.

Fitness and exercise is suggested, but to be honest this program focuses on the diet. People sometimes overlook the diet part of working out, but it is just as if not important if you want to keep the weight off. The whole basis of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet is to use calorie manipulation for metabolism maximization and to make overall good food choices. If you can master these two things in the short amount of time, burning the fat away will be quite easy in the long run.

Learn about this technique in more detail here.

The calorie manipulation is really what I thought made this diet different. If you are like me, you always were told to eat less and healthy each day. Your body gets used to that though and you stop losing weight. When you manipulate your calories each day though, you confuse your body and in turn speed up the metabolism. I know I know, that is a lot to process at one time but I mainly just trust the science behind the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet and the results that I see.

Finally, I’m not going to name the foods, but the top fat burning foods out there are outlined in the ebook as well. Eating the right foods is extremely important, but most people have developed habits they can’t break when eating. It is a bit difficult, but when I started the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet I began to notice results by speeding the metabolism up and then also eating the foods named in the books. I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick way to lose weight and keep it off in the future.

The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet can be purchased here if interested.

Every Other Day Diet Review

So many people dread the word diet because of the constant work you have to put into it. So when I first heard of Every Other Day Diet, at first I was excited. Then I wondered, well how would something like this work if you are truly only dieting every other day? Wouldn’t the off day cancel out the diet day?

See what all the fuss is about the Every Other Day Diet.

Since I was looking for anything to making dieting easier and I had read some good reviews online, I decided to give it a try. I never liked the word diet, so with Every Other Day Diet to me it didn’t even seem like one since I had so much freedom.

Caloric cycling is the main idea behind this type of dieting. When I first heard about it I was a little hesitant, but it is explained in full by Jon Benson. He is, of course, the man behind EODD. You are basically deceiving your body by giving it more calories one day than you need, then less the following day.

Find out more background of the Every Other Day Diet.

Benson has a long history in the fitness world, plus has studied at some of the top institutions in the country in MIT. On top of all that, the best way to test your program is to do it yourself. In his attempt at his Every Other Day Diet review, he will show his official results which are simply amazing.

This diet is more than a diet though. You must couple it with exercise. If that is not your thing, this program will only have minimal results. Since you are eating more calories on the off days, you have to burn them off somehow in the Every Other Day Diet. The thing is, most people are looking to exercise anyway so it should not be a huge problem. I know personally this is by far the easiest diet I have been able to stick to.

If you are still interested in the Every Other Day Diet, check it out.

Metabolic Cooking Review

So many people when trying to lose weight will begin to focus only on the exercise part. Need help with the cooking, diet and eating part? Metabolic Cooking seems to do a great job covering you on those areas.

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After trying these recipes out for about 2 months now, I feel pretty confident about writing a Metabolic Cooking review. I have seen a loss in body fat, more energy to workout and just overall well being I wasn’t getting when ordering fast foods every day.

Most diets become extremely boring and bland. What do you do when you have bland food? Well, unless you are a pet who doesn’t know any better, you start to lose all interest. With Metabolic Cooking, you not only eat well, but you eat differently. Keeping your taste buds satisfied is half the battle with sticking to your diet.

See examples of some of the great meals you can make in minutes.

Of course, another big part of dieting is seeing the results quickly. As stated earlier in my Metabolic Cooking review, I really feel in love with the results I had because it got me out of the fast food restaurants and into my home making meals. If you are like me, the kitchen was a place I didn’t spend much time in. Well, I still don’t spend a ton of time in there, because it has a lot of recipes that are easy to make. Let me put it this way: I’d be hard pressed to find someone who cooked less than me before, so I know you can handle it as long as you have a kitchen of your own.

As is the case with most diets, if you also want to combine them with a good workout program that will work well. Basically any type of workout will fit with the Metabolic Cooking cookbook. Fueling your body is the most important thing when you are working hard, and this is like the premium grade of fuel you can feed your body. Now it is time to use that fuel and push your body to fitness limits.

Begin your journey in the kitchen with Metabolic Cooking today!