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Kettlebell Burn Review

I’m sure I am in the same predicament as many of you out there. I want to lose fat and build muscle with limited time commitment because, well there are only 24 hours in the day. I’ve tried a variety of workout plans, so when I heard about the Kettlebell Burn (and Kettlebell Burn 2.0) workout I figured, why not try one more?

See what all the buzz about Kettlebell Burn is.

If you are not familiar with the kettlebell, you aren’t alone. It’s a different type of weight and it comes in various weights. I wanted to know though how this kettlebell could combine with Kettlebell Burn workouts to give me the results I wanted.

Geoff Neupert, the author of Kettlebell Burn and Kettlebell Burn 2.0, explains on his site as well as in the ebook just how much research he put into the program. I know when I started my Kettlebell Burn review, I figured he put this plan together quickly just to make a dollar. However, he explains it took him 17 years to perfect the research and be confident enough to know that it works.

Now, since we’ve gotten through the intro, let’s dive straight into my Kettlebell Burn review. At first I was skeptical of the actual kettlebell, but it was a unique and tough workout. It is also so versatile, making it easy to switch up workouts so the program doesn’t become stale.

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I gave it four weeks before looking at my results so I could give the system a fair shake. What I found was not only did I lose weight, but I also looked and felt more muscular. The best part was that I could do this entire workout from my home instead of having to go to a gym. Yes, you could go to a gym who has kettlebells to use, but you’d be much better off buying your own since it is much cheaper.

All in all, I recommend the Kettlebell Burn workout ebook for people looking for a different type of workout that produces great results. It only takes up a little bit of time each day as well to stay on track.

Check out the official Kettlebell Burn and Kettlebell Burn 2.0 website for additional information.

Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Exercise and weight loss seem to be inseparable. The fact is, not everyone can exercise though and so they look for other options. So the question is: can you lose weight without exercise?

The answer of course is yes, it just puts a bigger emphasis on eating correctly. When you workout, it basically gives you more ways to eat what you want and take in more calories. You will burn more when doing exercises.

If you opt not to do any exercise, you still burn calories during the day. Your body is always burning calories off, just not at as quick a rate obviously. Walking around, doing everyday work will burn more calories than you think, although this is not ideal.

The important thing to look at though is why are you not working out? If you are able bodied, you should definitely give it a try. It will help you keep the weight off, and also build muscles. Being active will also help you with staying overall healthy in every way possible.

Another option is to have weight loss surgery done if you just can’t exercise. Many people have had success with this, but again I would consider this an idea only if nothing else works for you. It is important to limit these surgeries to extreme cases, because some even consider it a form of cheating yourself by taking the easy way out.

Exercising is a person’s best friend to keep themselves in good shape. I know it is easier to say and think about than actually do it, but once you begin you might fall in love with the idea and continue to do it. The important thing is to begin. Best of all, you can begin to eat the foods you like again and they won’t have as huge an impact on your stomach.

Fitness Model Program Review

Every fitness program out there has pictures of these fitness model people claiming you can get those results. For some people, they just want to lose a few pounds, not get in that great of shape. However, if you are looking to really step up your weight loss and get a body everyone envies, the Fitness Model Program promises that.

See what all the buzz surrounding the Fitness Model Program is about.

Although I have tried out just about every program on this website, I must say that I never completed the program all the way through before doing a Fitness Model Program review. Simply put, I just wasn’t looking for that. However, from the stuff I did with the program, not to mention knowing about 10 people who have completed it, I have no question this system can give the results you want.

Jennifer Nicole Lee developed this system for people looking to really step up their workout. The best part with the Fitness Model Program is it focuses more on working out, and less on diet. Not to say that diet isn’t important because it obviously is. You only work out four times a week which on paper might not seem like a lot, but the workouts are intense. Because they are intense, the carbohydrates and other things that some diets eliminate will be included with this.

Now it’s time to give you my own personal experience. Again, remember I didn’t complete it, only did it a while. That is why I will incorporate results my friends in colleagues have had. The workouts are really, really tough. One of the hardest workouts out there. This should not be a problem though since most people looking for the Fitness Model Program want the top results.

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I had some results in just the two weeks I tried it out. Nothing major, since that is just a short period of time, but enough for me to know it was working. My friend was in great shape already, but wanted to begin stepping it up even more. A girl who worked out every day, she still felt a lot of the burn in the Fitness Model Program. Her results were great as well. She lost 15 pounds while gaining muscle in 2 months time, and that is from a girl already in good shape. If you are a little heavier right now, you could lose a lot more.

If you are looking to get in the shape of all the models you see hyping up other programs, chances are your best bet is to get the look with the Fitness Model Program. Those models probably did it too, before hyping up another product.

Get cut and in the best shape of your life with the Fitness Model Program.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

No workout product puts it as bluntly as this. If you are not happy with your current weight, the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program promises you that they can make things easy on you. Weight loss is simple if they walk you through it. Although I’ve tried a lot of workouts, I am no expert myself on the specifics of training. So I decided to give this a try.

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I need to point out in my Fat Loss 4 Idiots review that all in all I was extremely please with the results. Not only that, it was easy (relatively speaking) to follow. Therefore, I’d recommend this to just about anyone, save the super intense athletes who might want something that targets specific areas.

Their initial claim is to lose 9 pounds in 11 days. A lot of that will depend on your current habits. If you eat whatever you want and never work out, those first 11 days will be very tough. However, you will most likely lose much more than 9 pounds as well on the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program.

My personal results with the program led me to believe that initial weight loss was water weight. This is normal at the beginning, kind of a way to cleanse your body. However, after a month I was somewhere between 15-20 pounds lighter. That included a lot of fat burning.

Learn more about cleansing your body in Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

For the most part, Fat Loss 4 Idiots focuses on diet, since that is the root of most people’s problems. If you can eat healthy, you will not need as much exercise to burn calories off. The diet is pretty good, nothing too crazy that you have to limit yourself too. It really is a simple, easy to handle diet that gives you results.

The most important advice I’ll give to people looking to start the Fat Loss 4 Idiots ebook program is that you must commit yourself to dropping weight. This is considered, for the most part, to be an easy, beginner diet for the busy person. You need to commit to the lifestyle changes though, or you will not see the results you want.

Ready to try Fat Loss 4 Idiots? Check out their official site here.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

I always have billed myself as not being an expert, but just someone who has tried a ton of different workout programs to find which ones work and which ones don’t. When I first picked up the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, I was a bit skeptical, but I decided I needed to try it due to the reviews I had read before.

Here is the official Xtreme Fat Loss Diet website.

Before I really get into my Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review, I want to give you a brief overview so you know how the program developed by fitness guru Joel Marion works. Since you can read that on their official site, I then want to go over my personal thoughts so you can make a smart buying decision with your money. With thousands of weight loss programs out there, you need to spend your money wisely.

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet ebook is packed with a lot of hard work in the 25 days. That’s right, the program is not very long, but boy oh boy you will be working hard. In fact, in those 25 days it is broken up into 5 sets of 5. If that makes it easier to get through, I would look at it that way. Five short sets of five workouts.

When they say Xtreme in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, they really mean it. I went in expecting it to be hard, like all diets and weight loss plans to a degree, but this one is more intense than others.

See how intense the workouts can get.

As hard as you work in the fitness department, I must touch on what you will be doing while eating. They will have fasting days where you obviously don’t eat anything, and then cheat days where you can eat whatever you want. Depending on what type of person you are, this will either be a great thing or a scary thing. Going in I was a bit unsure if this would work properly for me, since I was used to eating every day with smaller meals, but I found it to not be a big deal.

Overall, the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review I did went pretty well for me. I dropped pounds (somewhere between 10-12 pounds) and overall I felt I was eating better. Fasting is not something I recommend to continue doing, but during the program it seems fine.

Try out the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet today.

Fat Burning Furnace Review

Losing fat weight and gaining muscle weight is basically the goal for the majority of people out there starting a new workout program. So when the Fat Burning Furnace promises exactly that, I had to see if this product was just a scam, or if it truly worked.

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When I first got my hands on the ebook put out by Rob Poulos, I began reading and comparing it to the countless other products I have demoed and reviewed. This was, of course to see if this one was worth recommending to others or even trying in the first place.

What makes the Fat Burning Furnace different from other products is it focuses more on weight lifting than doing cardio for the exercise. Through their science, Rob has found that lifting seems to give you more results in the fat burning and muscle building that you want. I have to say, what he says makes sense, and of course my individual results made me a believer as well.

Most people will be pleased to know that because it is weight lifting, the workouts are under 30 minutes for the most part. That is huge for someone looking to start the Fat Burning Furnace but may not have the time to dedicate an hour or more to working out. I was able to get my workouts in when doing the Fat Burning Furnace review during the mornings before going to work. The workouts can also be done just using your body weight, which is another bonus if you don’t have equipment.

Discover more of what goes into Fat Burning Furnace workouts.

While a nutritional guide is included with the Fat Burning Furnace system, it’s pretty basic. It gets the job done, and for the most part gives you what you need to know, but if you want to have more recipes and food choices, you might want to look online for free supplementary choices. They are all around, and even though it might take up some time, it’s well worth it.

The most important thing I must stress with the Fat Burning Furnace is you must stick with it. Seriously, 30 minutes a day to workout should be easy to get in. If you can’t find the time to do this workout program, I’m not sure where else you should look. The best part is, it just works. I got stronger, more defined and lost about 10 pounds after a month. Your weight loss will vary depending on where you are in overall health right now, but if you are looking for a short, effective workout you can stick to, try this one out.

Follow this link to check out the official Fat Burning Furnace site.

Fat Loss Factor Review

Many people are looking for that one factor to trim the fat off your body as quickly as possible. While it may never be that one thing, the Fact Loss Factor does promise to help you shed that weight that has been troubling you for years. Read on to see my overall thoughts on the program after trying it out.

Read more about that special factor from the Fat Loss Factor.

The first thing I noticed about the Fat Loss Factor is they throw you straight into things at the beginning. In fact, the first two weeks is a cleansing phase, where you will be going through a type of detox program. You limit yourself to only certain natural foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Afterwards, you then begin to slowly eat like a more normal person. However, you also now have the energy to workout with a lot more intensity to go along with it. You can do the Fat Loss Factor at three varying levels depending on how advanced you are.

The workouts that Dr. Michael Allen, the creator of this system, has put together is a true full body workout. The recipe book (which is included free of charge) should be followed since these foods will give you the energy you need to get through the workout program. If you do not have the energy, these workouts will be a little more difficult than you might imagine.

Read what other users say about the Fat Loss Factor.

So after going through it completely about a year ago, I finally got around to writing my Fat Loss Factor review. No, it wasn’t because I didn’t like it, it was because I was enjoying my new body and my new energy. Seriously, I never thought that would be the case (I used to sit around and browse the internet all day for activity). Now I feel fitter, have gotten back into the sports I played in high school, and I don’t pass out after work. Getting these results means you must stick with the program, and watch what you eat once it is over, but other than that all the tools you need already belong to you. Good luck if you do decide to try Fat Loss Factor for yourself.

Find out more about the Fat Loss Factor program here.

31 Day Fat Loss Cure Review

Most want to get as much weight off in very little time. While a month seems like some time on paper, before you know it a month has come and gone. So trying the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure should be considered since many people, including myself, have seen them work in live action.

Vic Magary is the man behind this program, and in the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure he provides you with everything you need to be a successful person in fitness training. The program has loads of videos, so you are not stuck reading more than actually doing the exercises. Just pull them up and get going on your fast workout.

Learn everything else about the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure.

Another great selling point is, even though it is roughly a month workout, there are two ways to go about it. When I did my 31 Day Fat Loss Cure review, I was feeling really confident. I was already in pretty good shape, but I wanted a challenge (and I wanted to lose 5-10 pounds and become more sculpted). Therefore, I bypassed the beginning workout and did the high intensity version. The shocking thing about this is, you have 60 days to see if you like the workout or if you would like your full money back. I always like this assurance when buying on the internet, but you know what: I never once thought about returning it. Maybe it will be different for you, but I doubt it.

Now lets go over why you might not find the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure to be right for you. The first thing that needs to be addressed is a lot of these workouts are challenging if you are not exactly the workout type. The thing is, just about every workout and diet program will be challenging at first, so why not just focus hard for a few months.

All in all, if you can put aside the difficulties at the beginning, you will find that the workout and diet that comes with this ebook, I found it to be a great tool, so if you put in the work you should find it to be great as well. Good luck with the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure if you do decide to try it.

If you feel the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure is right for you, click here.

Eating For Energy Review

Eating healthy means changing your lifestyle and thinking the right way. With the new ebook program Eating For Energy, they try to get you in that type of mindset to begin losing weight the right way: eating well. Does it work though or is it a lot of fluff?

Get all the information you need on Eating For Energy.

In this Eating For Energy review I’ll give you my thoughts on the program. First though, I want to give you a quick overview on what exactly it is all about. I want to do so in an unbiased way, not in a sales pitch way.

Yuri Ekiaim developed this system for people looking to find a way to burn fat off your body while increasing energy levels as much as possible. Working for both men and women, he knew he had to attack with something everyone does. Eating is essential to living, but so many people these days eat a lot of bad foods for your body.

In Eating For Energy, you may be a bit shocked at first when they talked about heated, cooked foods. Most people love to cook foods since most meats especially taste a lot better, but this weight loss program says it is bad for you. In fact, it is mostly based solely on raw vegetables and fruits for you to eat throughout the day.

See an example of things you can and can’t eat with Eating For Energy.

Skeptics are everywhere, and I definitely am one. Regardless, I just thought of this as a sort of varied version of being a vegetarian. No big deal you know, since I just wanted to get rid of weight and not feel sleepy throughout the day. This does just that if you are wanting that sort of help.

Now, I must advise those people who might not get what they want out of Eating For Energy. If you are just absolutely addicted to meat, I would pass and look for other diets (I have plenty review on this website for you to look at). Also, this is not a quick fix diet. This is a lifestyle change. You will lose weight (I was 12 pounds lighter a little over a month later), and it will stay off instead of being only a crash type diet.

If you can handle these things, I would recommend this Eating For Energy system for anyone who has tried and failed at other diets. Fueling your body with raw, natural foods worked for many years, and it will work now as well if you are wanting to stay healthy and full of energy.

If Eating For Energy sounds like the program for you, see their official site.

7 Day Belly Blast Diet Review

Everyone wants to lose weight, and the sooner the better. With the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet, it’s pretty obvious that time is of the essence with thisĀ  program. So when I did my 7 Day Belly Blast Diet review after the week, you want to know if I had the right results or if I noticed nothing.

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Let me give you the short answer first: I saw a noticeable difference in days just by following the instructions. Now, I didn’t have as impressive of results as other diets that last longer, but I’ve never seen this much from so little time.

Josh Bezoni put this together for people who have time constraints. For me, I needed to get ready for a class reunion. Yes, I know that sounds lame and vain, but I wanted to look good when I went to see people I haven’t seen for years. However, the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet might seem like a quick fix, but I noticed I kept that loss weight off after a few weeks of going back to a more normal routine.

Fitness and exercise is suggested, but to be honest this program focuses on the diet. People sometimes overlook the diet part of working out, but it is just as if not important if you want to keep the weight off. The whole basis of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet is to use calorie manipulation for metabolism maximization and to make overall good food choices. If you can master these two things in the short amount of time, burning the fat away will be quite easy in the long run.

Learn about this technique in more detail here.

The calorie manipulation is really what I thought made this diet different. If you are like me, you always were told to eat less and healthy each day. Your body gets used to that though and you stop losing weight. When you manipulate your calories each day though, you confuse your body and in turn speed up the metabolism. I know I know, that is a lot to process at one time but I mainly just trust the science behind the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet and the results that I see.

Finally, I’m not going to name the foods, but the top fat burning foods out there are outlined in the ebook as well. Eating the right foods is extremely important, but most people have developed habits they can’t break when eating. It is a bit difficult, but when I started the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet I began to notice results by speeding the metabolism up and then also eating the foods named in the books. I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick way to lose weight and keep it off in the future.

The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet can be purchased here if interested.